November 18, 2022

MUSA Site Launch!

Welcome the Midwifery Unit Self-Assessment (MUSA) project website! The MUSA project is the culmination of research and impact work taking place at City, University of London on implementation and improvement strategies for midwifery units, where labour and birth care is midwifery-led. Since 2019, we have been working on MUSA, supported by funding from City, University of London and in collaboration with the Midwifey Unit Network and an expert advisory group of international stakeholders, including service users, health professionals, policymakers, maternal health organisations and academics from the United Kingdom and Europe. From this, we produced the MUSA Framework, which provides a structured guide for midwifery units, allowing them to benchmark practice against the Midwifery Unit Standards.

This webiste is the product of collaboration between City, University of London, Big Lemon and our stakeholder advisory group that began in early 2022. Big Lemon is a website design and app development company with a focus on social impact and co-production, which we felt aligned well with the spirit of the MUSA project. Over the course of 2022, we have been developing, designing and building this website with the input and support of our advisory group, many of whom have been working on MUSA since the beginning. In May 2022, we met at City, University of London to host a two-day in person meeting that included a co-production event led by Big Lemon for this website. A big thank you to our stakeholders and Big Lemon for helping us get this site off the ground!

This website is for anyone passionate about or interested in midwifery-led care, particularly those working in, employed alongside, commissioning or using midwifery units. On here you will find information about the MUSA Framework and how you can use this in your midiwfery unit or maternity service, as well as updates and publications from our team. Public and community engagement and co-production are at the core of the MUSA project, and we hope this new website reflects that.

The MUSA Team

Dr Cassandra Yuill